Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mongolia | Dornogov Aimag | Kaligiya! Shambhala!

As Nicholas Roerich would say, “Kaligiya, Kaligiya, Come to Shambhala!” In what the boulevardier wits of Ulaan Baatar have already dubbed “Mongolia’s Woodstock,” an estimated 6000 people appeared at Khamariin Khiid in Dornogov Aimag for the official opening of Shambhala Land. Originally created by Danzan Rajvaa in the nineteenth century and then destroyed by the communists during the 1930s repressions, the complex, complete with 108 stupas, has now been rebuilt. Some monks maintain that the physical Shambhala in Dornogov serves as a portal to the multi-dimensional Shambhala, which intersects the mundane physical world at Khamariin Khiid, Istanbul, and London, among other places.
From the four corners and two spheres of Mongolia they streamed to Shambhala
Streaming . . .
Still Streaming . . .
Half of the Shambhala Complex
One of the four Gates to the Shambhala complex
Some of the 108 Stupas of Shambhala
Worshippers at the Brain Ovoo at Shambhala
Invoking Shambhala at the Brain Ovoo
Shambhala at night, with the near-full (92.70% illumination) moon

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Anonymous Konchog said...

I'm not sure I like either the prenom "V.D." or that photo in the flaps-down hat (especially when I don't have anything reciprocally silly to post on DODR), but I sure did like sharing that sacred time with you, Brother Don!

1:50 PM  

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